DC Animation Has Big Plans and Returning Favorites

DC Animation continues to create movies based on the most popular and riveting stories in DC’s archive. Previous stories include Batman: Hush, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, and (my personal favorite) Flashpoint. The next titles on the docket will challenge established roles and reignite legendary creators.

First, a popular fighting game from the Mortal Kombat team, then a comic series, Injustice is a world that makes Superman the world dictator and Batman the leader of a rebel group. Earth is thrown into chaos after Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois Lane and destroying Metropolis. Batman teams up with unlikely allies like Harley Quinn to fight for humanity’s freedom.

Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2
This is a follow-up to part 1, releasing on June 22nd, and based on the ’96 13 issues comic series of the same name. Long Halloween follows a young Dark Knight as he tries to stop a new serial killer called Holiday. Time is running out as the murder is expected to kill on Halloween. Meanwhile, Gotham erupts into a warzone between two mob bosses. This story is one of Batman’s best detective-focused stories.

My Adventures with Superman
A new animated series about young reports, Clark and Lois, getting started in the big city of Metropolis. They will team up with Jimmy Olsen and hunt down scoops as hungry new reporters.

Batman: Caped Crusader
Batman Animated Series creator, Bruce Timm, returns to bring Batman back to the small screen. We only have the new poster to go off of, but Timm’s style is already on display. Bruce brought a simple but elegant animation style, deep stories that challenged the comic book norms, and dark gothic Gotham cities. His return is proof that DC and WB recognize storytelling needs to be at the forefront.

Source: Deadline, Collider, Combookmovie, Polygon, PC Gamer

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