North Carolina Welcomes eSports

North Carlina adopted a new budget last week, with one eye-catching addition. The budget establishes the Esports Industry Grant Fund. North Carolina wants to host massive eSports events in the state, in the hope to provide more well-paying jobs and pushing technology in the state.

The Esports Industry Grant Fund will reimburse 25% of events that cost $250,000 or more to run. This program will run for the next three years and is limited to $5 million each year.

Representative Jason Saine proposed the addition and shared his optimistic thoughts on the budget’s passage. “This is not just about the esports competition and the game play, it’s really about the opportunity to get all generations and groups involved in education and technology, and really fostering that as a way that we build a world-class workforce for the future and higher paying jobs for everybody. When you think about recruitment of esports productions and events, what this program allows us to do is showcase not only our state, but also win a lot of business that we wouldn’t have secured otherwise.”

Have you attended an eSports event? Would you want your local government to host eSports events? Let us know on our social!

We will further discuss Noth Carolina’s decision on the next Geek Freaks News:

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