Power Rangers Leaks Shows Netflix’s Bluprints

Netflix’s Power Rangers has a few new leaks that give us a bigger picture of the franchise’s reboot. These leaks come from Jinsakuu of Twitter and are echoed by more reputable sources like CBR

Here’s what we are hearing:

  • The same team will be in the new movie and the follow-up series
  • The same mature tone we see in the 2017 movie
  • Completely new team and name, but Zardon and Alpha are likely to return
  • Zord battles will be saved for big moments
  • Serialized series instead of “monster of the week”
  • Netflix is trying to bring back much of the original cast for supporting roles

A serialized series makes sense for Netflix and this team. It will likely feel like The Witcher; new issues arrive each episode but the primary story is a season-long arch. Jonathan Entwistle has tapped Jenny Klien to help build this new Power Rangers Cinematic Universe. Jenny previously work on Jessica Jones and The Witcher. We also see some Cobra Kai philosophy at play. They are establishing a new generation of a popular franchise while backing them up with old favorites. The new Power Rangers has a lot of Netflix DNA. With the streaming service struggling lately, these crowd-pleasing shows may be key to regaining their lost ground. 

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