DC’s Aimless Expansion Creates Multiple New Projects from Multiple Bosses

DC is shifting execs and still looking for their next captain, meanwhile, some of Hollywood’s biggest names are taking this time to set up future DC projects. We also have the continued shifting of movies under the new WB CEO David Zaslav. Here are some of the latest out of DC and WB:

  • Zatanna canceled at HBO Max, they are shopping the movie out to other streamers. The movie is written by Emerald Fennel and produced by JJ Abrams.
  • James Gunn has a new secret project with DC. He says his priority is still Peacemaker. He is bringing in Peter Safran of Shazam! For this new project.
  • WB Execs are looking to make a Man of Steel 2 with Henry Cavill returning as Superman. This might be influenced by The Rock repeatedly saying he wants a Black Adam vs Superman movie in the future with Cavil in the red cape.
  • The Rock also teases a Superman cameo at the end of Black Adam, which we will see soon as the movie releases this week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Head of DC Films Walter Hamada did not want to cameo, but The Rock went around him to the bigger execs who gave their blessing.
  • Matt Reeves is expanding his Batman universe. He already has a sequel and a spinoff Penguin series in the works, but now he is approaching writers and directors for a new series of movies focused on Batman’s rogue’s gallery. Specifically mentioned are Scarecrow, Clayface, and Professor Pyg.
  • DC is still looking for someone to steer the ship. Their Kevin Fiege. For now, Michael De Luca is running things as Walter Hamada heads out.

The future is unclear at DC and WB but we have ambitious people capitalizing on the moment. And for the most part, they seem to be solid leaders.

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