Next Show: Area 51 Raid and Top 5 Movie Aliens


Hey all! We are doing another Top 5. Feels good to do a classic. This time we go over our favorite movie aliens. Going to warn everyone now, no Xenomorph. We do stop to acknowledge the overwhelming love that the Aliens from Alien and Aliens receives from so many SciFi fans. One of my personal favorites was the Martians from Mars Attacks. These guys are hilarious. They only want to vaporize us with all the shiny toys. The way they talk, their fear of birds, that creepy super model spy. How can you not love them! The only Alien that makes both of our lists was The Borg from Star Trek: First Contact. The Borg are relentless. They seek to assimilate the entire galaxy into their collective. Only keeping the beneficial attributes and annihilate anything found not worthy or threatening. Humans are both. In First Contact they decide to pull a Terminator and travel back in time to stop us from getting warp. Warp speed essentially launches your entire space travel career. Picard and the Enterprise follow them in an attempt to keep history in tacked. This is not only an excellent Star Trek story but an example of a powerful and extremely dangerous alien.
Before we talk about our favorite E.T.’s(But not E.T.), we go over all the hype for September 20th’s Area 51 Raid. Most people have heard of this as it is just peak internet. We go over the humble beginnings of the Airport base at Groom lake and talk about the early testing of the U2 Spy Plane. These are often the excuse for all the UFO sightings. We then discuss some of the theories that surround the base nicknamed Area 51. Everything from Alien bodies to weather control. This inevitably brings up Bob Lazar and the 2018 documentary that has sparked much of the recent interest. Lastly we talk about the Facebook event set up to invade the base. The joke invasion should be fun to watch but we all now there will be some idiots that will take it too far. Best case scenario, we get Burning Man 2 in southern Nevada. Worst case, bunch of dead Kyles that didn’t practice their Naruto Running enough. Gotta love the internet!

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