Top 10 Thanksgiving Episodes

Thanksgiving is a time for the family to gather around the TV. Shows often embrace the holiday more than films. Sitcoms, dramas, animated shows all make specials for Turkey Day. The stresses of the day are ripe for comedy and bound to bring out tensions amongst the family. Here are our Top 10 Thanksgiving Episodes!

10. That 70’s Show- “Thanksgiving”

That 70’s Show captures the hectic home during the holiday. Eric fails his attempts with his sister’s friend, getting in his own way as usual. Kitty scrambles to create the perfect dinner while her mother-in-law criticizes her.

9. American Dad- “There Will Be Bad Blood”

Stan learns his half brother is rich from inherited land. He kidnaps his brother and family and tries to “swap” lives. The key to the episode is Stan learning to appreciate what he has. He also learns a lesson about stereotypes of Native Americans. The episode is a good mix of fun and ridiculous. What we would expect from an American Dad holiday special.

8. Modern Family- “Three Turkeys”

Pure shenanigans! Modern Family is at its best in this Thanksgiving free-for-all. Each family tries to handle dinner their way. Shifting responsibilities and trying to save face create a Three Stooges type mess of early comedies.

7. Seinfeld- “The Mom and Pop Store”

In this classic Seinfeld, George buys “John” Voight’s car. Jerry loses his sneakers to elderly conmen. And Elaine gets her boss in the Macy’s Day Parade. Things fall apart for the gang rather quickly, creating some wonderfully funny moments.

6. King of the Hill- “Happy Hank’s Giving”

Watching this episode is a Thanksgiving tradition of mine. Hank and his family wind up stranded in an airport, missing the holiday with extended family. Hank Hill’s friends and neighbors are also stuck in the airport. They eventually gather in the food court to create their own makeshift Thanksgiving dinner. This is a heartwarming episode, and one of the best of the series.

5. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – “The Gang Squashes Beefs”

This episode of Always Sunny is a real treat for die-hard fans. The gang decides all the bad blood created over the years is getting in the way of their lives. They attempt to remedy the situation by offering them all a Thanksgiving dinner. The combination of the series’s most notable adversaries and the gang’s terrible ideas inevitably leads to disaster. If you need a good laugh, this is your pick.

4. Friends- “The One With All The Thanksgiving”

This iconic episode jumps back to their past Thanksgivings. We see the early relationship between Chandler and Monica. The changes over the years are hilarious. In the end, their relationship moves to the next level. The memorable “Turkey on the head” scene has become TV history.

3. South Park- “Black Friday”

This timely episode sees the kids go to war over Xbox and PlayStation. In a Game of Thrones parody, they try to decide which system to get during Black Friday. Meanwhile, Randy gets a job as mall security for the sale. The position quickly becomes a Night’s Watch situation where he must defend the mall from wildling shoppers.

2. Everybody Loves Raymond- “No Fat”

Marie attends a health fair and decides the family needs to change their eating habits. Unfortunately, this is right before Thanksgiving. She makes a health-friendly dinner and a big tofu turkey. Watching Marie’s family try to eat this unfamiliar food will have everyone laughing. The credits scene in particular is the best.

1.How I Met Your Mother- “Slapsgiving”

Ted and friends gather for Thanksgiving dinner. Lilly tries to make the perfect dinner, but nothing seems to be going right. Worst is a “slap-bet” between Marshall and Barney. The tension of coming slap drives Barney crazy. The episode ends perfectly with Marshall delivering a well-deserved slap and a song to boot.

We hope you find a show you haven’t seen yet. Let us know if your favorite didn’t make the list. Happy Thanksgiving!

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